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Movie Horses 'Zarafa Movie Horse Wrangling'

Our team has done more than 400 movies and all horses and riders are highly and professionaly trained for filmwork. On set, safety for actors, cast and crew, as well as safety for the horses is one of our main concerns.

We offer following services for the movie- and showindustry:

  • Movie horses for actors, stunts and extras
  • Period tack (saddlery and horse related equipment) from all periods
  • Riding classes & training for actors and on-set assistance
  • Doubling of actors (on horseback)
  • Horse stunts as falling from horses, rearing, kicking, horses laying dead, ...
  • Stunt fighting
  • Risk assessments, storyboarding, 2nd unit & action directing, equestrian (historical) consultancy
  • We speak, read and write English, Dutch & French fluently
Recent projects were ao

  • Les Miserables - BBC
  • Benedetta - Paul Verhoeven
  • 'Immenhof' - German kidsmovie
  • The best of Dorien B - Anke Blondé
  • 'Flemish Bandits' (Maarten Moerkerke - Robin Pront) - VTM
  • L' échange des princesses' (Marc Dugain)
  • 'Alleen Eline' (Hugo Van Laere)
  • 'A storm in the stars' (Haifa Al-Mansour)
  • 'Lilly the Witch' (German film)
  • 'Storm' (Dennis Herbots) 
  • 'Emperor' (Lee Tamahori, with ao Adrien Brody)
  • 'Brimstone' (Martin Koolhoven, with ao Guy Pearce) - Austria
  • 'The Son of Artan' (Ketnet - Belgian Television)
  • Trailer 'Tomorrowland' (Music Festival)
  • 'Les Visiteurs III' (Jean-Marie Poiré met Jean Reno en Christian Clavier)
  • 'The White Queen' (BBC-Series)
  • 'Suite Francaise' (Saul Dibb)
  • 'Kenau (Maarten Treurniet - Fu Works)
  • Spektakel-Musical '1418' (Studio 100)
  • 'Rox' (series - Studio 100)
  • 'Au Coeur de la Bataille', about the battle of Waterloo (Gerard Corbiau - Saga Film)
  • 'Kleine Verhalen in een Groote Oorlog' (Province of Limburg) 
  • 'The Legend of the Knight of Cards' (Museum of Playing Cards, Turnhout)
  • '1302 - the Battle (Groeningemuseum - Kortrijk)